A wiki is an on-line tool that allows a group of people to collaborate on a single piece of writing or on a larger project. This could be a group research project, a single piece of writing for peer review prior to publishing, a unit outline for other teachers, or students, to comment on, a school-wide policy for staff and parents to contribute to etc.

Begin by viewing this great explanatory video from the team at commoncraft:
Commoncraft Wiki Video

I've just found a new set of sites on the wikispaces blog about:
wikis in the classroom. This is essential first reading - only takes a few minutes but shows how teachers have transformed their teaching.

Then click on each of the following links to find some further explanation and some neat examples of how they can be used in your classroom.
Why should teachers use wikis?
Wonderful world of wikis
What is a wiki?

For an example of a wiki-based project that shows the potential of wikis go to the WikiVille site which is an ever growing account of the lives of young people from wherever they live.

Now go to wikispaces and set up a wiki for one of your classes. Try one of the following (please add other ideas):
  1. Start a FAQ page for your next topic. Put up a couple of questions and then invite students to propose some answers by editing the page. Students can then ask their own questions for their classmates to answer.
  2. Start a vocabulary list and get students to suggest definitions.
  3. Get a student to add notes at the end of each lesson where they explain what they have learned. At the start of the next lesson, bring it up and get the class to discuss that student's view and to see if it matches their own. A new student does the same for that lesson. In this way you are creating a set of notes written by the students for revision and future use, but you are also checking the understanding of the students to inform where you go next.

Check out Marama's great wiki site on her research about using wikis in classes.

Comments from Wiki Week
How does this improve teaching and learning in Technology??
So is this like Mark Treadwells Knowledge Net?
Bro says will more classrooms have clusters of computers?
roy asks willthere need to be more computers in classrooms?